Transportes HAM


Transportes HAM is a road transport company specialising in flammable and cryogenic products such as fluorocarbons, carbon disulphide, air gases: Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Argon, Sulphur Dioxide, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Carbon Dioxide, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).
The entire fleet of Transportes HAM complies with the ADR regulations.

The Transportes HAM fleet is characterised by a constant innovation and search of a continuous improvement for a better customer service with the maximum level of demand and respect for the environment. This is why Transportes HAM was one of the pioneers in the introduction of GPS tracking systems, providing a database that allows optimising routes, consumptions, downtimes and maintenance. Every year there are several courses on efficient driving, defensive driving … all to improve the driving style of company drivers and reduce consumption, emissions and above all accident rates.

Currently, 90% of the Transportes Ham fleet are environmentally friendly vehicles using environmentally friendly fuels such as LNG.

Vacuum isolated cryogenic tanks: Regarding the old polyurethane tanks, they allow to make a more efficient and safe transport, reducing the thermal input on the product that means a reduction of more than 90% in the loss of product by evaporation in the overall operation of the plants. In turn, they offer much greater protection against accidents as the pressure vessel is made of steel and non-flammable materials, which offer a high stability in case of accident or fire.

Ham has always been committed to innovation in its products, always looking for the most efficient transport equipment to guarantee the best operating costs to the customer.

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