Industry Leader


We started our activity in 1980 and since then the HAM Group is leader in the industry due to its increasing level of self-demand and quality of our services and products.

We are committed to a series of differentiating items and offer high quality levels, and it is in innovation where we can be at the forefront of activities linked to the creation, development and implementation of improvement processes for the supply of natural gas applied to the industry, including supply services with mobile vehicles to make it possible for natural gas supply to be present in any place and circumstance.

HAM continuously innovates both with the teams collaborating directly with the manufacturers, and with the services and procedures with a specific R&D&I department.

We were the first to purchase trucks powered by liquefied natural gas, pioneers in using dual fuel, in using vacuum insulated tanks to transport LNG, and in incorporating cryogenic pumps, in introducing the EBS roll bars, and in having a tracking and tracing system in our vehicles. Pioneers in performing “0” vent procedures in liquefied natural gas discharges.

Not only have we incorporated innovative processes in our company, we have also incorporated them into our projects. We have always we have been committed to new technologies and at present, all our customers’ installations are connected, which allows us to know the state of the plant at all times, to supply without the customer requesting product or manage incidences from a distance.

Today, the HAM Group is a leader in the comprehensive LNG and CNG services, both in industries and mobile-vehicle, maritime, and other environments, enhancing more effective and sustainable improvements in facilities and natural gas supply.

If what you need is a clean, safe and more environmentally friendly energy, we can offer solutions tailored to your needs. You just have to fill out the contact form or if you prefer you can call us on 937704760 and we will assist you personally.

We are always at your service.