At HAM Group we are specialists in the sale, distribution and creation of LNG facilities.

Natural gas is the mixture of gases whose composition usually has 90% of methane. Ambient temperature is in the gaseous phase although in some applications it is preferable to work with natural gas under other forms.

LNG: It is natural gas in its liquid phase at a temperature of -160°C, so it is considered a cryogenic liquid. It is stored and transported in highly insulated containers to maintain its liquid form. The advantage of the liquid form is its smaller volume, because for each litre of LNG, about 570 litres of natural gas are obtained at room temperature.

CNG: This natural gas is characterised by being compressed at room temperature. When used in vehicles it is usually between 20bar and 200bar.

NGV: The fuel used for vehicles is called natural gas vehicle (NGV). The term vehicle is often used as a synonym for compressed. However, CNG can also be liquefied natural gas, used as fuel for heavy transportation, albeit to a much smaller extent.

LPG: This is liquefied petroleum gas, which has nothing to do with natural gas and its use is not compatible.  It is an entirely different gas mixture with different properties. For vehicular use, it is known as vehicle gas.

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