HAM Group


Vakuum Barcelona is part of the HAM Group since 2009, ​​specialising in the construction, repair and maintenance of structures for the storage of gas in its different states, liquid and gaseous.

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Liquid Natural Gaz

The selling of LNG is the activity of Liquid Natural Gaz (LNG), integrated in the HAM Group, with presence in Europe. We operate from any of the existing LNG load terminals.

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Bologna ITALIA
HAM Italy

In a few years, HAM has positioned itself as a leader in the Italian market, developing a business model tailored to the needs of the Italian market, prioritising innovation and acting throughout the LNG value chain, thus providing a having a competitive advantage over its competitors.

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LNG France

The commitment of HAM in the French market has been strengthened with the creation of LNG France. This company has a strategic role within the group and responds to the needs of the French market.

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HAM Peru

The expansion of HAM in the American continent and the growing demand in the industry has allowed the creation of a new subsidiary of the group to manage the growth of the company in Latin America.