LNG France


LNG France, a French subsidiary of the HAM Group,  was created in 2014 and it’s specialized in the marketing of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) for industrial and automotive uses.

The industrial, services and agricultural sectors, as well as those related to the automotive industry (construction of LNG and CNG refueling stations), in which the HAM Group is a specialist, are some of the markets with more future growth in the natural gas business.

LNG France offers turnkey integrated solutions to its customers together with the structure and experience of HAM Group, European leader in the design, construction, transport and maintenance of LNG and compressed natural gas CNG facilities.

By managing the entire LNG chain, LNG France assures, together with our customers, maximum of efficiency and simplicity in all the processes of optimization of his energetic needs.

Its experience makes leading companies in France in the energy sector have chosen HAM Group as partner for their development in the natural gas market.