LNG Service Stations


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The service stations of liquefied natural gas LNG are fully automated, allow a fully autonomous operation that can be monitored in real time from anywhere.

This system has clear advantages over traditional systems:

– Avoids the additional boil-off that requires to continuously keep dispensers cold.

– Reduces maintenance costs (there are no rotating elements).

– Greater reliability (fewer elements subject to failure).

– Lower operating costs (no power required).

– Significant reduction of the investment to be made.

HAMbased on its experience as the company in Europe with the largest fleet of trucks that use LNG (liquefied natural gas) as a fuel, together with the know-how of more than 300 industrial cryogenic facilities and about 15 years in the world of NGV, has developed a pumpless fuelling system that is unique on the market, which reduces operating costs, improves supply performance and reduces CO2 emissions.

The entry of Vakuum in the HAM Group has involved the incorporation of highly qualified personnel specialised in high vacuum insulation work. All this knowledge has allowed to improve the cryogenic installations, incorporating an optimal vacuum treatment with the use of the latest available technology, in all the pipes that require a good thermal insulation, thus minimising boil-off formation and reducing the cold setting times.

HAM designs and builds its own LNG dispensers that minimise refuelling times by offering operational benefits that distinguish us from the rest of our competitors and greatly facilitate refuelling to the user.  The dispensers of the LNG gas stations of HAM are MID approved and have the meteorological certification that assures the reliability in the measurements of the refilled amounts.

We offer competitive prices and a personalised and quality service, with a commitment with what is most important, people.

At our LNG stations, you can use all types of credit and debit cards in addition to those of the HAM Group and professional diesel cards, where transport professionals will benefit from an invoicing system adapted to the needs of the industry.

The supply of fuel in all General de Gasolineras Stations includes the LPG option in addition to the already known Diesel A (with and without additives) and B, and Unleaded petrol 95 and 98. You can also manage it on LNG purchase (liquefied natural gas).

If what you need is a service station to cover your refuelling needs, we can offer you solutions tailored to your needs. You just have to fill out the contact form or if you prefer, you can call us on 937704760 and we will assist you personally.