LNG Sales


The HAM Group offers you an attractive Liquefied Natural Gas offer integrated within the wide range of services.

We provide road distribution coverage throughout the country, offering service to final consumers and large companies for the primary supply to their storage facilities.

Natural gas is the hydrocarbon with less emissions in its combustion. Its use is cleaner and implies a lower machine and engine maintenance than that of other fuels. The price per Kwh of LNG is 30-40% lower on average than that of diesel and propane, and 20% less than fuel.

LNG is natural gas in liquid form, stored at about 160°C. Once gasified, it is the same as the one that reaches final consumers through pipelines. The volumetric ratio of natural gas compared to LNG is approximately 580, that is to say, 80 Nm3 of natural gas are obtained from the regasification of 1m3 of LNG. The calorific value of NG is 10.4 kwh / Nm3. LNG weighs close to 45% of water weight, it is odourless, colourless, non-corrosive and non-toxic.

At present, most HAM Group vehicles for road transport use liquid natural gas (LNG) as fuel.

If what you need is an LNG supply service, we can offer you solutions tailored to your needs. You just have to fill out the contact form or if you prefer, you can call us on 937704760 and we will assist you personally.