HAM Torre-serona Lleida LNG mobile service station

The new LNG gas station is located on A2, KP 463

HAM Group inaugurates a new LNG mobile service station in Torre-serona, Lleida, located on the A2 or Northeast highway, KP 463, one of the main radial highways in Spain, with significant traffic from transport fleets traveling from Madrid to Barcelona, passing through Guadalajara, Zaragoza and Lérida (GPS: 41.664936, 0.627896)

The new HAM Torre-serona mobile service station, Lleida, designed and manufactured by Vakuum, It has a hose that allows you to refuel liquefied natural gas (LNG) for trucks and heavy vehicles.

The gas station offers self-service 24/365 and allows you to refuel with the HAM Card for professional use or with any debit or credit card. It is monitored remotely, offers the possibility of contacting our technical service 24/7 by telephone and has advanced security systems to guarantee its operation and the rapid resolution of incidents during refueling.

HAM Group reaffirms its commitment to the decarbonization of transport and sustainable mobility with the opening of this new LNG gas station, which adds to our international network of more than 140 LNG, CNG and biomethane service stations on the main Spanish transport routes and European.

Natural gas for vehicles allows CO2 emissions to be reduced by between 15% and 100%, fine particle emissions by 95% and nitrous oxide emissions by 35%, reducing the environmental impact and greenhouse effect. VNG is a real and efficient alternative to other more polluting and less environmentally friendly fuels.

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