HAM designs, manufactures and puts into service the first LNG mobile station in South America

Vakuum, HAM Group company, designs and manufactures the first mobile liquefied natural gas (LNG) unit in South America, which will be operated by Quavii in Trujillo, Peru

The new service station allows to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to heavy cargo vehicles and passenger transport in Peru

HAM GROUP has designed and manufactured the first mobile liquefied natural gas (LNG) station in South America. This unit has been entrusted to HAM by Quavii, a commercial brand of the company Gases del Pacífico, which is part of the Promigas Group, the market leader in the distribution of natural gas by pipeline in Peru. This service station allows refueling LNG (liquefied natural gas) to heavy cargo vehicles and passenger transport.

Natural gas is a cleaner energy than current fuels, fuels, gas oils and gasoline, which are already enjoyed by thousands of homes and industries in Peru. Now Quavii facilitates its access to the transport sector. The mobile unit, located in Trujillo, also known as Micro Refueler, has a cistern made by Vakuum, a company of the HAM Group, specialized in the construction, repair and maintenance of structures for the storage of cryogenic and compressed gases. The cistern, with an internal and external body of stainless steel, has a capacity of 25m3 of liquefied natural gas (LNG), which will allow to supply fuel to a total of 30 transport units, thanks to its modern system with integrated dispenser. The mobile unit has the highest level of automation and a built-in payment management system, which makes it a unique team in the world.

On February 4 and 5, the Micro Refueler unit was put into service. Vakuum specialists carried out the training for the different professionals in charge of operating the mobile station. On February 7, the first refueling was carried out, with the presence of Osinermin, the highest authority for investment in Energy and Mining, responsible for regulating and ensuring compliance with current regulations in the electricity, hydrocarbon and mining sectors. Members of the Ministry of Hydrocarbons were also present. In the act, the first refueling of a Scania G410 tractor was carried out, satisfactorily verifying all the service features of the LNG mobile unit.

This week the Micro Refueler unit was presented to the local press and in the coming months Quavii will incorporate new liquefied natural gas tractors, both from Scania and from other manufacturers.

With the Micro Refueler, Grupo HAM has collaborated with Quavii to take the first step in the implementation of the Green Corridor project, which aims to encourage the implementation of liquefied natural gas service stations along the entire northern coast of Peru.

In recent years Grupo HAM has bet, unequivocally, for its development in Peru through its subsidiary HAM Peru, contemplating in its strategic plan to expand its activity to other Latin American countries.

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