HAM Group renews its fleet with 11 new LNG tractors

HAM Group has added 7 new LNG tractors to its fleet

HAM continues to expand and renew its own fleet

HAM Group has acquired 11 new Scania R 410 tractors that join our own fleet of Transportes HAM, a leading company in the road transport sector, specialized in flammable and cryogenic products, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied gases from the petroleum (LPG), fluorocarbons, sulfur and carbon dioxide, gases from the air (oxygen, argon and nitrogen), sulfur dioxide...

Our entire fleet of vehicles is exclusively powered by LNG, a safe, clean and safe fuel, which allows us to continue taking care of our planet, mitigating the greenhouse effect on the environment, thanks to the reduction of polluting emissions by high percentages, compared to fossil fuels. Liquefied natural gas reduces CO2 emissions by 15%, nitrous oxides by 35% and fine particles by 95%; allowing greater air quality.

HAM Group was the first European company to bet on the use of liquefied natural gas in its vehicles for road transport, with the aim of reducing the greenhouse effect. In the year 2000 we imported 10 tractors from the US that used LNG and since then our fleet has continued to grow progressively. Our bet has been recognized by the main companies in the sector and we have been awarded several mentions, such as that given by Gasnam, the Iberian Association that encourages the use of natural gas in land and sea mobility, which recognized our work with the Environmental Entrepreneurship Award.

The new vehicles that we have incorporated into our fleet comply with ADR regulations and allow us to make safe and comfortable vehicles available to our drivers, so that they can carry out their work in the best conditions, thus guaranteeing the highest quality of our services. 

HAM Group will continue to expand and renew its fleet of vehicles powered by liquefied natural gas, following our highest level of demand and with respect to the environment.

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