New HAM EDUX Service Area Monegros LNG – CNG

Gas station located on AP-2, Km 86, direction Barcelona – Lleida

HAM Group inaugurates a new EDUX service station for liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas in the Monegros Service Area. It is located in Candasnos, Huesca, on the AP-2, Km 86, a highway that connects Zaragoza with Barcelona and Tarragona. GPS: 41.518423, 0.042048 HAM EDUX Monegros has an LNG dispenser (2 hoses) to refuel trucks and heavy vehicles, and a CNG dispenser (2 hoses) that allows refueling cars, light vehicles and trucks.
The service station has 24/365 hours and allows you to refuel vehicle natural gas with any credit card, debit card, and the HAM Card for professional use.
HAM EDUX Monegros LNG – CNG is managed remotely, guaranteeing at all times its correct operation and the rapid resolution of any incidents that may occur. In addition, our customers can contact our 24-hour technical service if necessary.
HAM Group reinforces its commitment to sustainable mobility, making liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas available to its customers, a real and clean alternative for the decarbonization of transportation and mobility in general, minimizing the environmental impact with a 100% reduction of sulfur oxide emissions, 95% of fine particles, 85% of nitrogen oxides, 24% of CO2 and up to 50% of noise emissions and vibrations.
Currently, HAM Group has a network made up of more than 140 LNG – CNG and Biomethane service stations, available on the main transport routes in Spain and the rest of Europe.

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