HAM Group Baix Ebre LNG – CNG EDUX Service Area

LNG-C refuelling station on the AP-7, Km 317, Tarragona direction north

HAM Group inaugurates a new refuelling station EDUX GNL – GNC in L’Aldea, Tarragona, located in the Baix Ebre Service Area, AP-7, Km 317, direction Tarragona. The Ap-7, also known as the Mediterranean Motorway, is an important axis for transport fleets, as it connects La Jonquera with Cadiz along the Spanish Mediterranean coast (GPS: 40.764336, 0.628943)
The new gas station NGV Área de Servicio Baix Ebre EDUX, offers its customers a dispenser with two hoses for trucks and heavy vehicles to refuel liquefied natural gas, as well as a dispenser with a hose for cars, light vehicles and trucks.
This new LNG – CNG refuelling station is managed remotely to guarantee its perfect operation and the rapid resolution of incidents, with a 24/7 technical assistance telephone number for the resolution of any incident during refuelling.
Opening hours are 24/365 and refuelling is possible with any debit, credit and HAM Card for professional use.
With the opening of this new EDUX refuelling station, an innovative refuelling station concept that is installed and operational in less than 24 hours, the HAM Group reinforces its commitment to the decarbonisation of transport and sustainable mobility, with an extensive network of more than 140 LNG – CNG and biomethane refuelling stations located on the main transport routes in Spain and Europe.
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