Gas station HAM – TRANSORDIZIA Irún, Gipuzkoa

HAM Group has opened a new CNG-LNG service station in Irún, Gipuzkoa

The Gas Station allows you to refill compressed and liquefied natural gas

In 2017 HAM Group opened a modern mobile station that allowed liquefied natural gas to be refilled in Irún, Gipuzkoa. At the demand of our clients, HAM Criogénica has worked to design, build and start up a new CNG-LNG service station. La Gas Station is located at Antxotxipi Kalea 4 (How to get there), next to the AP-8, also known as the Cantabrian Highway, which runs along the coast of the Basque Country, from Irún, linked to Highway A -63 French, to Bilbao (Vizcaya), where it connects to the AP-68, known as the Vasco-Aragonesa highway or Ebro highway.

The new CNG-LNG Gas Station has been possible thanks to an agreement between HAM Group and Transordizia, a leading company in the international transport of industrial vehicles and buses, which has led to the creation of PORTABASKGAS SL. The service station has a double liquefied natural gas pump for trucks and heavy vehicles, and a double compressed natural gas pump for supplying passenger cars, light vehicles and trucks. Note that the gas tank has been buried, thus taking advantage of the entire surface for the circulation of vehicles, having 80,000 liters of LNG capacity and bottles of 3,000 liters of CNG capacity.

The hours of the new CNG-LNG service station are 24 hours, throughout the year, and access is completely free, being able to make payments with any credit or debit card. In addition, we offer the possibility, to companies and freelancers, to enjoy our HAM card for professionals.

With the opening of this new Gas Station in Irún, HAM Group makes available to all its customers a wide network consisting of 70 service stations, between fixed and mobile, located in Spain and at the main strategic points in Europe. We continue to bet on liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas, as an alternative fuel, to minimize the environmental impact. LNG and CNG are cleaner and more sustainable fuels than fossil fuels, reducing emissions of CO2, nitrous oxides and fine particles; in addition to allowing all our customers significant savings of 30-50% compared to the price of other fuels.

HAM Group continues to work, together with its subsidiaries, to expand its network of CNG-LNG service stations in Spain and the rest of Europe.


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