HAM Tres Cantos CNG-LNG visited by Centímetros Cúbicos

HAM Tres Cantos is visited by Centímetros Cúbicos of Antena 3 to explain how to refuel CNG

The Antena 3 program talks about CNG and how to refuel in a Gas Station

The HAM Tres Cantos CNG-LNG service station has been visited by the Cubic Centimeters program of Antena 3, where they talk about Compressed Natural Gas, as well as where and how to refuel.

CNG is a real alternative, cheaper and more respectful with the environment, than fuels derived from petroleum, since it is composed of 80-99% methane (CH4) and the rest is made up of additions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and hydrocarbons.


Compressed natural gas reduces carbon monoxide (CO) emissions by 95%, nitrous oxides (NOx) by 90%, hydrocarbons by 80%, and nitrogen oxides by 30% and carbon dioxide (CO2) by 25% compared to gasoline and 35% compared to diesel. It also does not contain sulfur, particles, traces of lead, heavy metals, toxic additives of organic lead or benzene.

In addition, vehicles that use compressed natural gas reduce noise pollution thanks to a smoother and quieter ride than engines that use petroleum-derived fuels.

How to refuel CNG

Compressed natural gas is refueled in a similar way to other fuels, such as gasoline or diesel, taking into account the same precautions and respecting the safety measures that are indicated in all service stations.

Currently, the HAM Group makes available to all its customers an extensive network made up of 72 CNG-LNG service stations, between fixed and mobile, located in Spain and the main European road transport routes.

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