HAM Italia at the Oil&NonOil

HAM Italia present at the Oil&NonOil Fair held on October 24 and 25 in Rome

Visit us at Oil&NonOil, Palace of Congresses of Rome, Stand L6

Between March 23-24, HAM Italia participates in the 14th edition of the Oil&NonOil-Stoccaggio & Trasporto Carburanti Fair, the only national event in the distribution chain of liquid and gaseous fuels from storage to the tank.

It is an event that, over the years, has mirrored the technological and organisational transformation of this sector, and served as an opportunity to reflect upon, and weigh up, regulatory changes and commercial and marketing strategies. More than anything, Oil&nonoil-S&TC, year after year, has provided snapshots of the gradual growth of the network of independent fuel distribution operators.

This industry has always seen Oil&nonoil-S&TC as a moment for swapping notes and taking stock of the considerable changes that have shaped the fuel market over the past decade. Oil company executives, independent operators, service station owners, representatives of associations, industry suppliers, hauliers and car wash professionals all regard Oil&nonoil-S&TC as a fundamental opportunity to enrich and lend impetus to their activities, as well as learn more about the political and regulatory issues that are determining the future direction of fuel distribution.

HAM Italia, present at Stand L6, of the Palace of Congresses of Rome, makes available to the attendees, together with the complete structure and experience of HAM Group, the possibility of designing, building, maintaining and supplying, liquefied natural gas plants: service stations and plants for civil use.

During the celebration of Oil&NonOil, within the conference program, HAM Italia has been in charge of organizing the event "LNG: new innovative technologies for a perfect refueling". Attendees have been able to learn about the new technologies developed by HAM to avoid freezing of LNG pump nozzle when refueling, as well as to increase safety and reduce emissions of polluting gases when refueling.

HAM Italia is an Italian-Spanish company that aims to spread the culture and engineering of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Italy. Its strength lies in the experience of its parent company, Grupo HAM, a European leader in the integral service of compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas, in mobile-vehicular and marine industries and environments.

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