Volvo Peru delivers the first LNG tractors to HAM Criogénica Peru

The vehicles have HPDI technology

Volvo Peru has delivered its first LNG tractors on the South American continent. These vehicles have been acquired by HAM Criogénica Perú and are characterized by having high pressure direct injection (HPDI), which plays an important role in sustainable solutions for the decarbonization of transportation. High-pressure direct injection (HPDI) is a fuel system technology that is applied in vehicles with internal combustion engines to replace fuels that emit greenhouse gases, such as diesel, with carbon-neutral fuels, such as biomethane, significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

The HAM group of companies (Spain, France, Italy and Peru) is introducing these highly efficient and reliable vehicles as the main truck in its fleet, reaching more than 100 Volvo HPDI units this coming year, since their performance, innovation and quality are aligned with the values and objectives of the group.

At the HAM Group, we have been betting for more than three decades on natural gas for vehicles (NGV) and on Biomethane, a real, safe and ecological alternative, with the aim of achieving the decarbonization of our vehicle fleet, as well as reducing the effect greenhouse on the environment. Liquefied natural gas (LBNG) allows CO2 emissions to be reduced by between 15% and 100%, nitrous oxides by 35% and fine particles by 95%; resulting in higher air quality.

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