HAM Group collaborates with Arrels Fundació

HAM Group makes a donation to Arrels Fundació

No one sleeping on the street

The HAM Group solidarity donations program does not stop and advances in its commitment to the most vulnerable groups in society, collaborating with an economic contribution, or equivalent action, with those non-profit entities that are dedicated to promoting projects of solidarity and cooperation.

HAM is an energy company focused for more than two decades on renewable energy, and in the current social and health context, we are committed to participating in the improvement of those most vulnerable groups in society. Our companies, related to natural gas in various areas, are made up of an excellent human team, which has allowed us to become a benchmark in the gas sector in areas ranging from engineering, to road transport, CNG-LNG service stations, the sale of Liquefied Natural Gas, liquefaction projects, the maritime sector...

During the month of July, we have sent a solidarity donation to Arrels Fundació, an entity that, since 1987, cares for and guides homeless people living on the streets of Barcelona. They are in charge of accompanying them so that they can have a life as autonomous as possible, covering their basic needs, providing them with social and health care, and guaranteeing accommodation for those who are in a more vulnerable situation.
Arrels Fundació works to sensitize citizens, denouncing unfair situations and providing solutions to administrations and civil society to make possible its main objective: that nobody has to sleep on the street. They inform, guide and raise awareness about the problem of homelessness, getting involved and working to make proposals, review and improve current social policies.

At HAM we are happy to be able to collaborate with the important work carried out by Arrels Fundació and we will continue to participate in this or other projects, to continue helping people.

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