HAM installs CNG-LNG mobile in Crevillente, Alicante

HAM Group installs a new CNG-LNG mobile unit in Crevillente, Alicante

We continue betting on NGV for land mobility

HAM Group has installed a new mobile unit for Liquefied Natural Gas and Compressed Natural Gas in Crevillente, Alicante. The new service station is located on the Carretera Estación Ferrocarril, 0, km 0010, next to exit 526 of the A7, also known as Autovía del Mediterráneo, which runs parallel to the Mediterranean coast, beginning its journey in Algeciras and ending in Abrera, passing through towns such as Marbella, Almería, Murcia, Elche, Alicante, Valencia, Castellón and Tarragona, among others. (How to get)

HAM's new CNG-LNG mobile unit in Crevillente has a tank of XXm3 and has a dispenser with a hose for refilling liquefied natural gas to trucks and heavy vehicles, and a compressed natural gas hose for refueling passenger cars, light vehicles and trucks. It is a public Gas Station, where customers can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. Payments can be made with any debit or credit card. In the case of freelancers and companies, they can request and enjoy the advantages offered by our HAM cards for professionals.

HAM Group continues to innovate with its portable solutions for the supply of vehicular gas for vehicles, such as our mobile Gas Stations HAM Benavente LNG-CNG, HAM Murcia LNG, HAM Riba-roja CNG-LNG and Lidl Suiza LNG, becoming a benchmark in the sector, al ensure that our customers can enjoy the advantages of compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas quickly, efficiently, safely and economically.

With our new mobile unit for compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas in Alicante, we expanded our network to 71 service stations, between fixed and mobile, spread across Spain and strategic points on the main European land transport routes. We continue betting on CNG-LNG as an alternative to fossil fuels, respecting the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, nitrous oxides and fine particles. Furthermore, we offer our clients the possibility of saving between 30-50% compared to the price that other fuels currently have with a greater negative impact on the environment.

Our team continues working to continue expanding our network of service stations, reaching new points where they do not enjoy the benefits of NGV, while making our customers the best products and services available.

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