HAM Group measures against Coronavirus Sars-Cov-2

HAM Group establishes a series of measures to prevent the spread of Coranovirus Sars-Cov-2

HAM Group Statement

HAM Group has as a priority the safety and health of all its workers, as well as that of its collaborators and customers, which is why we were the first companies to establish measures and activate a protocol for action against the Coronavirus, which is temporarily reinforced, taking into account all the indications and recommendations established by the State of Alarm declared by the Government of Spain, with the aim of avoiding the spread of the virus, during these exceptional moments that are taking place.

All our employees and collaborators have been informed of the decisions and measures implemented by HAM, in order to minimize the possible impact of Coranovirus Sars-Cov-2:
- Recommendations for hygienic measures and personal behavior.
- Recommendations to minimize the risk of contagion.
- If any worker or subcontractor is affected by Coronavirus (especially defined risk groups, pregnant women, immunosuppressed people and / or with respiratory problems), either because they have been in contact or have been infected, they must inform as soon as possible, continue the indications of confinement established by the State of Alarm and not rejoin the workplace until his full recovery.
- Promotion of telework to avoid unnecessary trips to the workplace, facilitating the reconciliation of all workers.
- All face-to-face training actions are postponed.
- Limitation of professional visits, promoting non-face-to-face meetings (calls, videoconferences, etc.)
- Limitation of visits with clients and suppliers.
- Travel restriction.
- Restriction of attendance at conferences and fairs.

HAM Group also implements action plans in its different companies and business areas whose purpose is to continue our activity normally, providing the usual services to our clients, in industries, mobile-vehicular environments, maritime, etc., guaranteeing continuity of activity and excellence in service.

Likewise, the situation will be monitored, adopting all the necessary measures that help prevent the spread of the virus, giving a responsible response to the situation.

We take this opportunity to thank all our colleagues, from drivers, technicians, salespeople, engineers, administrators, etc., for continuing to do their daily work to ensure that we all continue to enjoy all the advantages of CNG and LNG.

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