HAM – NUPPEC Vila-real already offers CNG

The HAM Villarreal Gas Station allows the refueling of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) on the Villarreal-Onda Highway, Km3

The Gas Station allows you to refill liquefied and compressed natural gas

HAM Group opened a service station in Vila-real last year, the first one that offered the possibility of refilling LNG to trucks and heavy vehicles. After listening to the requests of all our clients, you can now refuel CNG.

The station is located on Carretera Vila-real-Onda, km3, Castellón (39.949265, -0.166319), next to CV-20, an important road axis formed by Vila-real, Onda and Alcora. It is less than a kilometer from the CV-10 (Autovía de la Plana), an autonomous highway that runs from south to north of the province of Castellón; less than 5 minutes from the AP-7, axis that allows communication of the entire Mediterranean coast from the border with France (La Jonquera) to Algeciras, passing through the most important points of transport routes, such as Gerona, Barcelona, Tarragona, Castellón, Valencia...

The expansion of our service station has been possible at the firm commitment of Grupo HAM and NUPPEC Logística S.L. for an environmentally friendly fuel. La Gasinera has 1 double liquefied natural gas pump, to which is added a double compressed natural gas pump to supply cars, light vehicles and trucks. The opening hours are from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 22:00 and access to the service station is completely free for all our clients, being able to make payments with any credit or debit card. In addition, in the case of companies and the self-employed, they can make use of our HAM card for professionals.

Grupo HAM currently has 50 service stations, between fixed and mobile, distributed throughout Spain and at strategic points in Europe. With more than two decades betting on LNG and CNG as an alternative fuel, we continue to believe in their use with the aim of minimizing the negative impact on the environment. Compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas are cleaner and more sustainable fuels than fossil fuels. Its use reduces CO2 emissions, nitrous oxides and fine particles. Furthermore, both CNG and LNG offer savings of between 30-50% compared to the price of other more polluting fuels.

At Grupo HAM, as a benchmark for other companies that are committed to the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG), as an alternative to other more polluting fuels, we work daily, together with our subsidiaries, to offer a excellent service and the best products to all our customers, expanding our network of Gas Stations in Spain and Europe.

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