HAM Group inaugurates the first LNG-CNG station in Europe with a buried tank

Installation process of the buried CNG-LNG tank at the HAM Irún service station   Service station HAM Irún LNG-CNG

YELLOW Project

HAM Group has opened the service station HAM Irún LNG-CNG, Gipuzkoa, the first LNG-CNG station in Europe with a buried tank. The opening of this new station has been possible thanks to the development of the Yellow Project, which has allowed the installation of an Ultra-compact Gas Station.

The service station is located in only 310m2, being completely passable by vehicles on 95% of its surface, thus eliminating any impact on vehicle circulation flows and reducing the aesthetic impact. It has an 80,000 liter LNG tank, which works at low pressures (3 bars).

The tank, which does not occupy space for the service station, has a submerged pump and the capacity to supply up to 12,000kg/h of GNL and 10,000 kilos of CNG per day.

The service station has an buried coldbox, an “on the fly” conditioning system and allows the installation of up to 2 double dispenser (4 hoses) of Liquefied Natural Gas for trucks and heavy vehicles, and 1 double dispenser (2 hoses) of Compressed Natural Gas for passenger cars, light vehicles and trucks.

The Gas Station, safer and with fewer necessary safety distances, is monitored remotely, guaranteeing its perfect operation and allowing any incident to be quickly resolved.

Plan of the HAM Irún CNG-LNG Gas Station, the first service station with the buried tank

Grupo HAM opens CNG-LNG Gas Station with buried tank in Irún, Gipuzkoa

The Yellow Project has been developed by HAM Criogénica and our R&D department, which in constant contact with our customers, suppliers and manufacturers, works to develop high quality and reliable advances in improving infrastructure and logistics service. CNG-LNG, taking respect for the environment as a starting point.

Note that the tank has been manufactured by Vakuum, a HAM Group company, specialized in the design, production of semi-trailers and mobile units for the transportation of LNG and gases from the Air, following the latest innovations and quality and design regulations from the EU and ASME. The rest of the equipment has been designed and manufactured at HAM facilities.

At Grupo HAM we continue to innovate in all our projects, equipping our clients with new technologies that allow them to obtain the best product that adapts to their real energy needs. We were the first to bet in Europe on the use of LNG in road transport, we built a nozzle that allows us to supply Liquefied Natural Gas without emitting gases into the air, we developed service stations that allow biomethane to be refueled from wastewater, we designed and manufactured stations CNG-LNG vehicles and we have participated in projects that have allowed the development of a small membrane LNG tank and an LNG container for the maritime sector, which supplies natural gas to an electric generator that in turn supplies electrical energy to the moored ships at the port.

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