Limagas and HAM Group create EVA, Energía de Valor Ambiental

EVA will promote the use of natural gas for vehicles LNG and CNG in Peru

This new partnership will promote the use of LNG and CNG in Perú


Limagas and HAM Group have created a new company called EVA (Energía de Valor Ambiental), with the aim of promoting the use of liquefied natural gas in road transport and compressed natural gas for passenger cars, light vehicles and trucks; with the provision to open between 10 and 15 service stations before December 2025.

The first service stations that EVA will open will be located along the Pan-American Highway, a road system that links almost all the countries of the American continent with its more than 17,800 km. These LNG supply points will be located in Mala, Nazca and Arequipa.

The Mala LNG service station will be operational during the month of June, while it is expected that Nasca and Arequipa will be able to begin offering service during the second half of the year.

With the creation of EVA (Energy of Environmental Value), HAM Group HAM and Limagas reinforce their presence in Peru, developing an important growth strategy and taking advantage of the possibilities that Peru offers to promote the use of natural gas for vehicles in the country, becoming a benchmark in the Latin American energy field.

We continue  working and innovating, in direct contact with our customers, betting on natural gas for vehicles, contributing to sustainable development through efficient energy solutions that allow us to reduce the environmental impact with eco-friendly fuels to reduce emissions of CO2, nitrous oxides and fine particles.

About HAM Group

HAM Group is a leader in Europe in the comprehensive service of LNG, biomethane and alternative energies in industries, construction of regasification plants, construction of tankers, gas stations, cryogenic tanks, liquefaction plants and biomethane plants, mobile-vehicular and maritime gas stations. Offers multiple comprehensive services related to liquefied natural gas, biogas and compressed natural gas, ranging from CNG-LNG refueling, road transportation of cryogenic products, LNG marketing and other activities.

HAM offers a wide variety of products and services, ranging from the design, construction, start-up and maintenance of service stations and regasification plants, bunkering, manufacture of LNG cryogenic tanks, liquefaction plants, etc.

About Limagas

Limagas, a subsidiary of Lipiandes, an Andean multinational company, is a Peruvian energy company that contributes to sustainable development through the supply of gas and hydrocarbon-based energy solutions in Latin America.

It offers services related to natural gas, in the industrial and vehicle sectors.

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