HAM Group has been selected by Volvo to refuel its trucks, with the mobile unit of liquefied natural gas, during the Test & Drive in Sweden

HAM Group congratulates of having being selected by Volvo Trucks to provide the LNG mobile unit for fueling its Volvo Gas Power trucks during the last Test & Drive event that took place in Hellered-(Sweden) in April and May, close to Gothenburg truck’s manufacturer facilities.

The used HAM mobile unit has a capacity of 30 m3 and uses just 1 hose as per Volvo tank requirements to remove boil off and refill with LNG all in one, an average of 10 LNG gas power trucks have been fueled per day with an easy and handy filling system for drivers.

HAM Group also supplied the LNG mobile unit during the Volvo Test& Drive event that took place in Castelloli-(Barcelona) last October & November 2017.

Our company is developing LNG/CNG solutions for vehicles, industrial and bunkering since 2000, helping to reduce CO2 /NOx and polluting particles for a better environment.

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