New HAM LNG service station in Navalmanzano, Segovia

HAM Group opens a new LNG service station in Navalmanzano, Segovia

Benito One, the gas station that installs and starts up in 24 hours

HAM Group opens a new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) service station in Navalmanzano, Segovia, located on SG-332, next to the entrance and exit of the A-601, known as the Pinares highway, with significant traffic , in its more than 100 kilometers, which goes from the VA-30 (external round of Valladolid) to the SG-20 (Segovia bypass road) (How to get there)

The new service station, which receives the name BENITO, has been developed by HAM Criogénica, together with our R&D team, and is characterized mainly by needing only 1 day to be installed and put into operation, reducing from the construction time of the gas station considerably. The Gas Station has a 80m3 tank, in which the dispenser and payment terminal are integrated. The new supply unit, created by our team of engineers, marks a new milestone, together with our mobile service stations, Yellow Project and other innovations, which position HAM as a leader in the design and construction of CNG-LNG service stations.

The BENITO service station installed in Navalmanzano, Segovia, allows to refuel LNG to heavy vehicles and all types of trucks, since it keeps the liquid subcooled and adapts immediately to the optimal temperature of the different brands: Iveco, Scania or Volvo. allowing fast and safe refueling with an innovative nozzle, designed by HAM, with a “nofrost” system and a double anchoring and closing system, in order to avoid leaks, liquid losses and facilitate its disconnection without emitting gas into the air.

The opening hours of HAM Navalmanzano GNL are 24 hours, throughout the year, being able to freely access and make payments with any debit or credit card or with our HAM card for professionals.

With this new opening, we continue to expand our gas station network, made up of more than 80 service stations, between fixed and mobile, which are available on the main transport routes in Spain and Europe.  We continue to bet on Natural Gas for Vehicles, a sustainable, real alternative, reducing CO2, NOx and fine particle emissions. In addition, the use of NGV allows our clients to save 30-50% compared to other fuels.

At HAM Group we continue working, in direct contact with our clients, to continue offering the best services and products, always adapting to their real energy needs.

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