HAM builds for Petrem its new Gas Station

HAM has developed the project for the new Petrem CNG-LNG service station

The new service station allows refueling CNG-LNG

HAM Group, through its company HAM Criogénica, has been in charge of designing, building and commissioning the new Petrem Gas Station, which will allow refueling of compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas.

The new CNG-LNG service station is located in Petrem Trucks, Corral Roig s / n, Santa Llogaia d'Àlguema, Girona, very close to exit 3 of the AP-7, the N-2A and the N-2, a radial road that connects Madrid and the border crossing of the municipality of La Junquera, passing through towns such as Alcalá de Henares, Guadalajara, Zaragoza, Lérida, Barcelona and Gerona.

The project has been possible thanks to the commitment to liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas that they have made from Petrem Distribución S.A., an Empordà company that sells fuels and lubricants. The service station has a 98m3 vertical tank and has 2 single-hose LNG dispensers, for refueling trucks and heavy vehicles, and 2 double-hose CNG dispensers, for refueling cars, light vehicles and trucks. Note that the design made by HAM allows an easy expansion of the gas station, allowing a maximum of 4 jets to fill liquefied natural gas (2 doubles + 2 singles) and a maximum of 6 jets to fill compressed natural gas (4 doubles + 2 singles). The Gas Station it is open 24 hours a day throughout the year and is freely accessible to all its clients, being able to pay with any credit and/or debit card. 

The new Petrem facility will allow its customers to enjoy all the environmental and economic benefits of using liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas. CNG and LNG are clean fuels, respectful with the environment and that reduce the environmental impact, thanks to the reduction of CO2 emissions, nitrous oxides and fine particles. In addition, both fuels will allow their customers to save 30-50% compared to other less environmentally friendly fuels.

HAM Cryogenic, company in charge of project development, is a leader in the engineering sector, with years of experience in the liquefied natural gas sector and with more than 300 projects around the world, both in design and construction of facilities for all kinds of industries and the naval sector.

From HAM Group we continue working, together with our subsidiary companies, to offer the best products and services related to natural gas: comprehensive realization of energy projects, road transport of cryogenised products, sale of CNG-LNG in our service stations, construction of structures to store gas in the gaseous and liquid state ... making available to our clients solutions adapted to their real energy needs.


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