HAM starts up 2 LNG mobile stations for Lidl Switzerland

HAM Group has been in Switzerland for the inauguration of the two LNG mobile service stations that it has designed and built for Lidl

Service stations will allow liquefied natural gas to be refueled to trucks

HAM Group, through its subsidiaries HAM Criogénica and Vakuum, has been responsible for designing, building and start up two mobile units of liquefied natural gas in Switzerland. We have been pioneers in being the first company to provide solutions in this country, where there is still no infrastructure in LNG service stations, despite the maturity of the market and its use in neighboring European countries.

With the acquisition of these two mobile units by Lidl Switzerland, the aim is to remedy this situation, to achieve, together with its transport partners KMT, Krummen Kerzers and Thurtrans, a sustainable logistics, allowing a transport of goods where no use fossil fuels. The equipment supplied has a capacity of 40m3 and "saturation on the fly" technology, which allows the supply of liquefied natural gas to the different brands of trucks on the market.

During the opening of LNG mobile stations, Georg Kröll, CEO of Lidl Switzerland, said he was satisfied with the opening of the first liquid natural gas service station in the country, as it is an important step towards the sustainability of the company, which will be able to supply its stores without using fossil fuels by 2030.

The supply of LNG with the two mobile units of Grupo HAM will allow Lidl Switzerland to enjoy the following advantages:
- Reduce by 15% the emission of CO2 (20% in the case of HPDI diesel engines)
- Reduce the emission of nitrous oxides by 35%
- Reduce by 95% the emission of fine particles.
- Reduce engine noise by 50%, compared to gasoline engines.
- Autonomy of 1500 km.

Ham Criogénica is specialized in carrying out energy projects related to natural gas and is endorsed by more than 300 projects, carried out in recent years, around LNG. For its part, Vakuum specializes in the construction, repair and maintenance of structures to store gas in a liquid and gaseous state.

In HAM Group we work daily, betting on the use of LNG and CNG in road transport, with the aim of minimizing the negative impact on the environment, since natural gas is a real alternative to fossil fuels. Liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas are clean and sustainable fuels.

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