HAM Group expands its network of LNG-CNG service stations in the Netherlands and Belgium

HAM expands network of LNG-CNG stations in the Netherlands and Belgium

HAM Card customers can refuel at PitPoint Gas Stations

HAM Group continues to expand its network of LNG service stations in Europe, thanks to the agreement reached with the Dutch company PitPoint, which will allow the HAM Card users, to refuel at 2 new stations, in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The first of these stations is Rekkem, located at Lar, Rijksweg 746, 8930, Belgium (GPS: 50.774923, 3.187968), close to the French border, close to the E17 / A14 motorway, between Kortrijk and Lille, which makes it a favorable location for transport throughout the Benelux.

Regarding the Netherlands station, it is the Zwolle station, located at Kleefstraat 7, 8028 PR (GPS: 52.538360, 6.170244), next to the N758 and 10 minutes from the A28, motorway that crosses the Dutch provinces of Utrecht, Gelderland, Overijssel, Drenthe and Groningen.

The LNG stations of PitPoint.LNG are unmanned and accessible 24/7. Step-by-step refuelling instructions are available in 11 different languages and can be selected via the top button of the pump display. In addition, the stations in Zwolle (the Netherlands) and Rekkem (Belgium) have extra cold LNG (for a better range) available, especially for Volvo trucks.

PitPoint will soon open new liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas service stations in Germany, which will be added to the network of service stations that Grupo HAM makes available to all its customers.

Currently, HAM Group makes available to all its customers a network of service stations made up of 76 LNG and / or CNG gas stations, of which 30 are in Spain, 16 in Italy, 9 in Belgium, 14 in the Netherlands and 7 in France, all located in strategic points for road transport.

At HAM we work day by day, together with our subsidiaries, to offer the best products and services related to natural gas, expanding our network of service stations in Spain and the rest of Europe, making a real energy alternative available to our customers to fossil fuels. LNG and CNG are clean and environmentally friendly fuels, which manage to reduce the environmental impact, with a lower emission of CO2, nitrous oxides and fine particles. In addition, liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas offer an important economic advantage, since they allow savings between 30-50% compared to other fuels that are less respectful with the environment.

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