HAM and Lipigas build Chile’s first LNG gas station

HAM and Lipigas have built the first LNG gas station in Chile

HAM Chile has been in charge of the gas station engineering process

HAM Chile, a subsidiary of HAM Group, has been the company in charge, together with Empresas Lipigas, of the design, construction and commissioning of the first LNG service station in Chile. The service station, which incorporates the latest innovations in this type of facility, is located at the facilities of Transportes San Gabriel, Linares, Maule Region, very close to Ruta Cinco Sur (Panamerican Highway in Chile), which is part of the main artery of land communication in the country.

This project has been possible thanks to Lipigas, Transportes San Gabriel and the multinational AB InBev, a company that will incorporate 35 trucks of liquefied natural gas to its fleet, which will refuel at the new service station, contributing to a reduction of more than 800 tons per year of CO2 emissions and an 80% reduction in fine particles.

Esteban Rodríguez, Lipigas business manager, explained during the inauguration that “Liquefied natural gas is a real option for reducing CO2 in long-distance heavy transport, thus contributing to sustainable development, with the design of efficient energy solutions that help to face the challenge of reducing emissions to the environment”.

Lipigas, a company with a presence in Chile, Colombia and Peru, is a relevant player in the Latin American energy market, whose objective is to satisfy the energy needs of its customers with its combined products and solutions.

HAM Chile Spa, a leader in cryogenic equipment and work, has been working for several years in South America, with its own personnel and facilities in the Santiago metropolitan region, allowing Ham Group to continue its expansion and maintain greater proximity to its customers, offering a wide variety of products and services, ranging from the design, construction, start-up and maintenance of service stations and regasification plants, bunkering, manufacture of LNG cryogenic tanks, etc.

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