Natural gas is an energy of the present with a long journey and possibilities to further reduce the carbon footprint at a global level

HAM Group grants an interview to My City at full throttle to talk of the present and future of natural gas

Mi Ciudad a todo gas interview with the Marketing Director of HAM Group

Is sustainability for the HAM Group a strategic element for the management of the company?
HAM Group, consider sustainability as a strategic element for the management of the company. The strategic decisions of the company have always been made from a sustainable point of view. We are a company in constant change and evolution, always trying to have the best available technology that allows us to take another step towards zero emissions.

HAM Group HAM was a pioneer in its commitment to NGV service stations in Spain. What is the current situation of the deployment of the gas station network in Spain and at what rate do you think the current gas station infrastructure will grow in the coming years?
Currently HAM has more than 25 CNG supply points and 27 LNG supply point for heavy vehicles, all of them open to the public. In total there are about 100 CNG points and 66 LNG points in Spain.
In 2020, despite the difficulties, HAM has opened 7 new CNG points and another 6 LNG points, being the year with the most new openings. This is a general market trend, since 2020 is the year with the most openings of NGV stations and there are already several companies that have communicated their intention to expand the supply network.
For this 2021 in HAM we will exceed our own figures and we are convinced that by the middle of the year we will have more openings than in 2020.

Do you have vehicles powered by natural gas in your transportation fleet? What advantages would you highlight of vehicular natural gas compared to other technologies?
Our entire fleet of heavy vehicles is powered by natural gas. Light vehicles and cars are natural gas except one electric. Natural gas vehicles allow freedom of movement and flexibility that other technologies do not offer. The handling and feel are the same as conventional vehicles, but they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful particles. It is a technology of the present with a long history and possibilities to further reduce the carbon footprint at a global level. All this at a price similar to that of a conventional vehicle and an operating cost that is reduced by about 50%.

Do you consider that biomethane will have a relevant weight in Spanish sustainable mobility in the coming years?
We believe that biomethane should be the center of new technology developments. With biomethane a circle is closed that allows not only not to increase greenhouse gases but also globally these would be reduced.
Biomethane production is carried out on farms, landfills, food companies ... Many of these productions are owned by small companies, some in the primary sector. With the use of biomethane we are boosting the local economy, nearby companies and whose benefit remains in our country and to a large extent in our towns.
We believe that sustainability is not just an ecological issue. That our country begins to be energy self-sufficient and that energy production is concentrated in thousands of small producers, we believe is the most sustainable energy management model.

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