HAM Group acquires FNX Liquid Natural Gas, expanding its portfolio of products and services

Grupo HAM ha adquirido FNX Liquid Natural Gas, empresa especializada en plantas de licuefacción de gas natural a pequeña escala

FNX Liquid Natural Gas is a leader in small-scale natural gas liquefaction

HAM Group has acquired the Basque company FNX Liquid Natural Gas S.L., company focused on the design, manufacturing and installation of Small-Scale Natural Gas Liquefaction plants, also including equipment for processing/ treatment of natural gas from wells and other sources. Unlike most other LNG equipment suppliers, FNX has its own manufacturing facilities located in the North of Spain, a region renowned for its technological and industrial background, where FNX designs, builds and tests its equipment. Your engineering team is housed in the manufacturing facilities and provides field services –installation, commissioning and technical support- related to its product lines in order to meet our customers’ needs.

Over the last four decades, the core executive and engineering teams of FNX have been working together through numerous technological industries. Such extensive experience in the design, manufacturing, installation and operation of equipment for different fields such as renewable energy, aerospace, oil&gas, power generation and many others has allowed his team to apply its know-how to FNX’s unique LNG equipment.

Specialized in the manufacture of equipment for liquefaction, FNX offers a wide range of project management services, being able to carry out the complete management of the customer’s facility, if requested. From the construction of plants, operation, supply management, integral project, to a turnkey solution that will allow the client to simplify the global management and reduce the operational resources used.

With the incorporation of FNX Liquid Natural Gas S.L. to HAM Group, our expansion plan in South America is reinforced, where we are already present through our subsidiaries HAM Peru and HAM Chile. On the other hand, we will be able to offer our customers, through liquefaction, a solution to store and transport liquefied natural gas. The liquefaction allows to reduce in more than 600 times the volume of natural gas, facilitating its storage and transport in cryogenic tanks.

Currently, HAM is a leader in the integral service of LNG and CNG, both in industries and in mobile-vehicular, maritime, etc. environments, betting on R&D and facilitating more efficient and sustainable improvements in facilities, natural gas supply and services of bunkering in the naval sector. We have become a reference for all those companies in the sector that are committed to liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas as an alternative to fossil fuels.

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