HAM Group designs and manufactures an extensible LNG mobile unit complying with the French standard and ISO 16924

HAM LNG mobile unit extendable up to 9 meters to comply with French regulations

The station allows to refuel LNG to all types of truck

HAM Group has launched in France a new type of mobile LNG unit, characterized by being easily transportable and extensible, allowing a separation of more than 9 meters between the LNG dispenser and the tank, thus complying with French regulations and ISO 16924.

The mobile installation allows the storage and refueling of Liquefied Natural Gas to all types of trucks and heavy vehicles, as it keeps the liquid subcooled and adapts to the optimum temperature of the different brands: Iveco, Scania or Volvo, facilitating fast and safe refueling. offering our clients performance and functionalities equivalent to those offered by fixed LNG service stations.

The station, which allows supplying up to 4,000 Kg/hour of Liquefied Natural Gas, is made up of a horizontal cryogenic tank of 67m3 made of stainless steel (SS), weighing approximately 44 tons, manufactured by VAKUUM, specialists in design, construction, repair and maintenance of semitrailers and mobile units for the transport of LNG and Air gases, following the latest innovations and quality and design regulations of the EU and ASME.

It has a dispenser with a magnetic card reader for validation purposes, a mass meter with MID approval and an electronic display with relevant information on each process: cold and filling. In addition, it has a hose with an innovative nozzle, designed by HAM, with a "nofrost" system and double anchoring and closing system, which prevents leaks or losses of liquid from the joint with the truck's tank, increasing safety during supply. Made of aluminum and stainless steel, the nozzle adapts to all vehicles and allows a disconnection without emission of gas into the air.

The transportable and extendable LNG station is monitored remotely, registering different parameters of the mobile unit, guaranteeing its perfect operation at all times and allowing to quickly solve any incident.

The HAM Group R+D department continues to innovate and offer solutions that adapt to the real energy needs of our customers, working to develop high-quality and reliable advances in the improvement of LNG and CNG logistics infrastructures and services, always taking respect for the environment as a starting point.

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