CycleØ and HAM Group will build the first BioLNG plant in Chile

HAM and CicleØ will build the first BioLNG plant in Chile together with Lipigas

The works will be carried out through HAM Chile and FNX Liquid Natural Gas

HAM Group and CycleØ have been awarded the contract for the construction and operation of the first BIoLNG plant in Chile, which will be located in the Ñuble region, with a capacity to process between 7,500 and 16,500 m3 of biogas per day. This represents reducing, in the heavy transport industry, more than 19,000 tons of CO2 per year, 96% of fine particle emissions and 85% of nitrogen oxide and sulfur emissions, compared to other fuels.

This BioLNG plant will be possible thanks to the commitment of Lipigas, a relevant player in the Latin American energy market, for an efficient and 100% renewable energy solution. The biogas comes from an anaerobic co-digestion plant for waste from a MaxAgro pig farm, where HAM Chile Spa will build and manage the processing facilities, which will have upgrading equipment, developed by FNX Liquid Natural Gas, which will purify the biogas, which contains 50-60% methane, increasing its quality and obtaining a methane purity of over 99%.

At Grupo HAM and CycleØ we believe that BioLNG must play a prominent role in the energy transition, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to its negative carbon footprint. In addition, the commitment to this fuel favors the circular economy, generating employment in rural areas, returning resources and nutrients to the soil, and as a sustainable alternative to incineration or landfills.

This project reinforces the commitment of our companies to Biogas, which has led us to develop several projects related to BioLNG and BioCNG, such as those in Girona – Spain, where we have opened the first 100% vehicular biomethane plant in the country, or the of Faenza – Italy, where we are going to put into service one of the largest European BIoLNG plants.


About HAM Group:
HAM Group, leader in the comprehensive CNG-LNG service in industries, mobile-vehicular and maritime environments, offers multiple comprehensive services related to liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas, ranging from CNG-LNG refueling, transport by road of cryogenic products, the commercialization of LNG and other activities. Through its subsidiary HAM Chile Spa, a leader in cryogenic equipment and works, it has been working for several years in South America, allowing it to maintain greater proximity with its clients, offering a wide variety of products and services, ranging from design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of service stations and regasification plants, bunkering, manufacturing of cryogenic LNG tanks, etc.

About CycleØ:
CycleØ is a comprehensive producer of biomethane focused on BioLNG and BioCNG for applications in heavy transport and grid injection. CycleØ invests, develops and operates projects in more than five countries. Through its subsidiary, FNX Liquid Natural Gas, the CycleØ group has the leading technology for the development of small-scale biomethane plants. Its management team has more than 3 decades of experience in the sector and is backed by Ara Partners, a leading private equity firm in industrial decarbonization.

About Lipigas:
Lipigas S.A. is a leader in the distribution and sale of energy solutions, with a presence in Chile, Colombia and Peru, dedicated to providing comprehensive energy solutions to its customers, through its different products. Since 2010, the Company has undergone a solid expansion process, expanding its presence in Latin America and diversifying its offer of energy solutions.

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