New HAM GNC-GNL Gas Station for Beroil in Rubena, Burgos

HAM Group opens a new CNG-LNG service station in Rubena, Burgos

The Gas Station is part of the Yellow Project of HAM Group

HAM Group launched an LNG mobile station in Rubena, Burgos in 2016, property of Beroil, which, thanks to the development of our Yellow Project, has become a new fixed station, where customers can refuel liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas.

HAM Criogénica has been in charge, together with our R&D department, of the design, construction and commissioning of an ultra-compact facility, which has an underground tank, as in Irún, Gipuzkoa, where we were pioneers when building the first LNG-CNG station in Europe with the tank underground. This has allowed the installation of the equipment in a location of only 300m² in size, making 95% of the gas station surface passable, while eliminating any impact on vehicle traffic flows and reducing the aesthetic impact.

The new service station, property of Beroil, is located on the Madrid-Irún N-1 Highway, kilometer 247 (How to get there), next to the A1, also known as the Autovía del Norte, which connects Madrid with France, which makes it one of the main communication axes with the north of the country, as well as with the rest of Europe. It is also close to the AP-1 or North Highway, which connects Vitoria-Gasteiz with Irún.

The gas station has a buried tank with a capacity of 80.000 liters of LNG, which works at low pressures (2-3bar), with the capacity to supply up to 12.000Kg/h of LNG and 10.000 kilos of CNG per day. The service station has a buried coldbox, an “on the fly” conditioning system and 2 double dispensers (4 nozzles) of Liquefied Natural Gas for trucks and heavy vehicles, and 1 double dispenser (2 nozzle) of Compressed Natural Gas for cars, light vehicles and trucks.

The opening hours are 24 hours, throughout the year, being able to freely access and make payments with any credit or debit card. Companies and freelancers can enjoy our HAM card for professionals.

Currently HAM has an extensive network made up of 74 service stations, between fixed and mobile, in Spain and the main European routes. We continue to bet on CNG and LNG, as an alternative fuel, with the aim of minimizing environmental impact. Compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas are clean and sustainable fuels, which reduce emissions of CO2, nitrous oxides and fine particles, also allowing significant savings of 30-50% for customers, compared to the price of other fuels.

HAM Group continues working to expand its network of LNG-CNG Gas Stations in Spain and the rest of Europe.

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